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A Country Christmas with John Schmid

 Recorded at The Cash Cabin in Hendersonville, TN.

A Country Christmas With John Schmid Album
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1. Hear Those Bells
2. Do You Hear What I Hear?
3. The Same Old Story
4. Baby Boy
5. Everyone's A Kid
6. One King
7. Oh, Beautiful Star
8. Carol of the Bells
9. Where's The Line to See Jesus?
10. Mary Did You Know?
11. Feliz Navidad
12. The Stable



Plain Fun; a Concert in Amish Country

Plain Fun Album - John Schmid
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1. I live a Simple Life
2. Ruben's James
3. What Was I Thinking
4. Amish Trailblazer
5. An Amish Wedding
6. I've Been Everywhere
7. While Hauling Manure
8. The Auctioneer
9. Right Field
10. Daddy Won't Sell the Farm
11. I've Cooked Everything
12. Daddy's Hands
13. Howard Gray
14. I Want To Go With My Daddy
15. Family Bible

Church in the Wildwood

Church in the Wildwood Album - John Schmid
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1. Anchored in Love
2. Keep On The Sunny Side
3. Diamonds in the Rough
4. The Church in The Wildwood
5. Little Moses
6. Lonesome Valley
7. Room In Heaven For Me
8. Will The Roses Bloom In Heaven
9. We Will March Through The Streets of the City
10. Where We’ll Never Grow Old
11. Lend a Helping Hand
12. Can’t Feel At Home (This World Is Not My Home)

Tribute to Johnny Cash

Outside of my parents, my high school football coach and Jesus Christ, probably no one influenced the first twenty years of my life more than Johnny Cash. I am a Christian today partly because of his influence. I am in prinson ministry partly because of his influence. My guitar style betrays his influence. And I wear black… because I’m from Amish Country (Ok, partly because of Johnny Cash).

A Tribute to Johnny Cash Album - John Schmid
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1. Big River
2. I Still Miss Someone
3. Hey Porter
4. Redemption
5. Folsom Prison Blues
6. Give My Love to Rose
7. The Wreck of Old 97
8. Tennessee Flat Top Box
9. Forty Shades of Green
10. Peace in the Valley
11. Man in Black
12. bonus track – A Front Row Seat to Hear Ole Johnny Sing


Just John and his guitar, singing songs of faith and life.

John Schmid Accoustic Album
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1. Jesus Was A Carpenter
2. The Bible
3. Missionary Kid
4. Flight #7
5. Help Me
6. Who’s Gonna Take?
7. In The Garden
8. Howard Gray
9. A Little Good News
10. Redemption
11. Eyes On The Son
12. Daddy, You’re The Man
13. All Is Forgiven

Almost Bluegrass

John’s latest release. “I’m not a bluegrass singer, but I love some of the old bluegrass songs. So I call it ‘Almost’ Bluegrass.”

Almost Bluegrass Album - John Schmid
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1. Troublesome Waters
2. Where The Soul of Man Never Dies
3. Are You Afraid to Die
4. A Satisfied Mind
5. Where The Roses Never Fade
6. Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
7. The Family Who Prays
8. I Saw The Light
9. Angel Band
10. Wayfaring Stranger
11. Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown
12. On The Wings Of A Dove

At Christmas Time

Some favorite Christmas Carols as well as an original or two.

At Christmas Time Album - John Schmid
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1. Joseph and Mary
2. Away In A Manger
3. Hark the Harold Angels Sing
4. Drummer Boy
5. Silent Night
6. O Holy Night
7. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
8. What Child is This?
9. O Little Town of Bethlehem
10. This Little Child

What A Time!

What A Time - John Schmid Music
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1. What a Time Over There
2. Long Black Train
3. God Can Break All the Chains of Yesterday
4. Wine Into Water
5. Reachable
6. When God Ran
7. Go Rest High On That Mountain
8. I Love You Lord (Medley)
9. They May Know My Number But Jesus Knows My Name
10. Belleau Wood
11. Father's House
12. Wonderful, Merciful Saviour
13. Uncloudy Day
14. A Letter From Home


John’s first gospel recording. His first album (remember plastic albums?) was one side country and one side gospel. Now both country sides are on the CD, “WITH LOVE” and the gospel sides are on this “COMMON GROUND” CD.

John Schmid Gospel Album
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1. Common Ground
2. I Will Sing Of My Redeemer
3. Where No One Stands Alone
4. I Have Returned
5. He’s Alive
6. Isn’t It Good To Know
7. Charity
8. Unity
9. Soul Flight
10. Seeing Is Believing
11. Farther Along
12. And Can It Be

Dutch Blitz

Dutch Blitz Album - John Schmid
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1. Auswanderlied
2. Wo Ich in des Land bin Kummah
3. Unser Deitsche Brieder
4. Die Ehern Un Dreschah
5. Amischi Frau
6. Zu Lauderbach
7. Ich Wott Ich Waer en Bauer
8. Amish Nicknames
9. Elmer, da Fimf Sent Mann
10. The Pressimist un die Optimist
11. Ich un du
12. Ich Gleich des Deitsch
13. ABC’s
14. Harrich Mol Die Engel
15. Mein Jesu Ich Lieb’ Dich
16. Wo Sind Unser Brieder
17. Am Kruez
18. Bist Du Rein
19. In Der Stillen Einsamkeit


Everybody Needs Jesus

Ex-convict, Jack Murphy is featured on one of the songs on this CD; “Touch of the Master’s Hand.”

Everybody Needs Jesus Album - John Schmid
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1. Everybody Needs Jesus
2. My Father’s Side
3. Rich Young Man
4. Didn’t He
5. Go Tell John
6. Plenty of Time
7. Touch of the Master’s Hand
8. Like Father, Like Son
9. Right at Home
10. Cat’s in the Cradle
11. Life’s Railway to Heaven
12. Going Back

Greystone Chapel

A collection of songs that would appeal to the prisoner as well as the man on the street. John’s children sing on several of the songs.

Greystone Chapel album - John Schmid
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1. GreyStone Chapel
2. The Victim
3. I’ll Fly Away
4. Put Me Down
5. Where Could I Go?
6. Daddy, What If?
7. Three Men on A Mountain
8. The Criminal On The Cross
9. One Day At A Time
10. The Prisoner’s Song

I Walked Where Jesus Walked

John noticed during a trip to Israel that every historical and holy site that they visited- someone had written song about it. Here are some of those songs.

I Walked Where Jesus Walked Album - John Schmid
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1. Jerusalem
2. We’re Marching to Zion
3. Beulah Land
4. Holy Ground
5. Come Let Us Go Up
6. I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked
7. Jericho Road
8. Eastern Gate
9. On Jordan’s Stormy Banks
10. Via Dolorosa
11. Bethlehem…Galilee… Gethsemene

In Dutch

Pennsylvania Dutch, that is. This recording is all Pennsylvania Dutch as the Ohio Amish speak it, as well as some High German Hymns.

In Dutch Album - John Schmid
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1. Mei Vader un Mudder Sinn Deittsch
2. Epaata Roan
3. Hi Lee, Hi Lo
4. Maydy, Vit Du Hayra?
5. Waer Gut Leve Will
6. Du, Du Leigst Mir Im Hertzen
7. Die Nacht Ep Gristdaag
8. Schnitzelbank
9. En Draam (Gas Machine)
10. O Fensa Maus
11. Reide, Reide Geile
12. Die Alt Bauerei
13. Schlof, Bobbeli, Schlof
14. Gott Ist Die Leibe
15. Bedenke, Mensch! Das Ende
16. Es Sind Zween Weg
17. Wo Ist Jesus, Mein Verlangen
18. Lob Lied

In Dutch Again

More folk songs and hymns sung in Pennsylvania Dutch and German.

In Dutch Again Album - John Schmid
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1. Sie Kummt Rum Da Berg
2. Boana Sup Un Laadvech Brot
3. Komm Gib Mir Diene Hand
4. Ich Hab Ein Gleene Bussly Kot
5. Wann Der Tschog Awwer En Loch Hot
6. Muss I Denn
7. So Viel Wadda
8. Doktor Eisenbart
9. Bubbly Mandy
10. O Wie Wohl Ist Mir Am Abend
11. Mude Bin Ich
12. Mir Schlachta’n Alda Hawna
13. Un Guwti Tsait
14. Pennsylvania Deutsch Lullaby
15. Supper Zeit
16. Sundaags, Wann Ich In Die Gma Geh
17. Ach Wenn Ich Ja Gedenk Daran
18. Bald, Ja Bald
19. Wie Schon Muss Der Himmel Doch Sein
20. Lebt Friedsam

John Schmid ( With Love )

John Schmid With Love Album
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1. City of New Orleans
2. Fair Swiss Maiden
3. Wolf Creek Pass
4. The Auctioneer
5. Seattle
6. I've Been Everywhere
7. Rodeo Cowboy
8. Orange Blossom Special
9. Bojangles
10. Whispering Pines
11. Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Final Destination

Final Destination Album - John Schmid
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1. He Believes In Lost Causes
2. He Never Did Anything
3. Desperado
4. The Outlaw
5. Three Wooden Crosses
6. Maximum Security
7. Rank Stranger
8. The Date ( The Newspaper)
9. Jerusalem's Cry
10. The Innocent Ones
11. When I Get Where I'm Going


Maximum Security

Maximum Security Album - John Schmid
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1. Maximum Security
2. Scars of Sin
3. Common Ground
4. Little Girl
5. Jesus As Your Lawyer
6. I Will Sing
7. The Canvas
8. What's In A Name
9. The Date
10. River of Life




Backstage Album - John Schmid
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1. Richest Man In THe World
2.Yuppies In The Sky
3.Strange Things In My Soup
4. Grandma Put It AllIn Jars
5. All God's Critters
6. Railroad Bill
7. Jolly Old Sigmund Freud
8.I Love
9. H20
10. You're So Sweet
11. Have A Nice Day
12. Auctioneer
13. Trailblazers
14. Maidly Vit Du Hayada
15. Designer Blues

This Is My Father's World

This Is My Father's World Album - John Schmid
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1.This Is My Father's World
2. What a Friend We Have In Jesus
3. How Firm A Foundation
4. Rock Of Ages
5. How Great Thou Art
6. I Love To Tell The Story
7. Let The Lovwer Lights Be Burning
8. I Owe The Lord A Morning Song
9. Blessed Assurance
10. Old Rugged Cross
11. O For A Thousand Tongues
12. In The Sweet By And By

Golden Love

Golden Love  Album - John Schmid
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1.Golden Love
2. Just Like My Father
3. Thank You Mama
4. These Hands
5. I Want To Be Just Like You
6. Suppertime
7.Callin' My Children Home
8. Grandpa
9. I Heard The Bluebird Song
10. Father Knows Best
11. Empty Hands
12. A Few Good Men
13. Will The Circle Be Unbroken

John Schmid Live

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