“And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed...”

The Christmas Story! It is told in Luke 2, which I memorized in fourth grade. With a little practice, I can still recite the first 20 verses.

Some things have changed since God came to earth as a man. In fact, some things have changed since I came on the scene. Devotions in public school, for instance. At Franklin Twp. School in Wayne Co. we had devotions every morning. My first Bible memory was the 23rd Psalm, which our 2nd grade teacher challenged us to memorize. Our fourth grade teacher helped us memorize Luke chapter 2- The Christmas Story. The first time I ever read the Bible in front of people was in eighth grade morning devotions- in public school!

I'm not sure if devotions in school had anything to do with the fact that during my 12 years of school, I never heard of a school shooting, a teacher's strike, talking back to teachers (well, I did hear of it, but it was punishable by paddling- yes, they “touched” students back then), or even assaulting teachers, which has happened several times in the U.S. this year! I know “things were different back then,” but I wonder if our freedom to worship and speak of Jesus Christ publicly was one reason that “things were different”?

On the other hand, some things have not changed. Man is still sinful; people still need attention, self worth, fellowship, recognition; sin still causes men to lie, steal, murder, deceive... Man still needs a Savior. And Christmas time is the easiest time of the year to talk about Jesus, even in this anti-Christian culture. Especially for someone like me, who uses concerts as a platform. Church, banquet, or secular format, Christmas Carols tell the Gospel story in an “unoffensive” way.

So, this Christmas season, I want to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS! May the Little Child, who grew up and became our Savior, be more real to you this year than ever before. May His peace that passes understanding be yours (ours). May you talk about Him this Christmas season.

John Schmid


Katie (K-Rod), Adam, Rudy the dog, Katie, Lydia, Bruno the dog, John, Amelia the photographer (who said, “Everybody look serious!) MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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